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What is Develteam?

Develteam is a community for Indie Game Developers with tools built in that assist in Communicating, Connecting, and Collaborating with other Developers.

There are three types of profiles: Developers, Devteams, and Game Projects


Users on Develteam are all called Developers. You may be an artist, a musician, or a writer, but here, you are known as a Developer.


Devteams are groups of Developers who frequently work together. Any Developer can create a Devteam and invite other Developers to join.

Game Projects

Game Projects are groups of Developers who are working together on the same Game. Any Developer or Devteam can create a Game Project.

There are many aspects to your Developer Account.

XP and Levels

Developers, Devteams, and Game Projects can all earn XP. As XP increases, as do their Levels. Developers and groups with higher levels will appear first in the standard sorting of the Browse and Connect! pages. In addition, XP implies a more active user who submits quality content.

XP is most commonly gained whenever another Developer Votes-Up your content. In addition, sharing a link to Develteam on your Social Networks using the buttons on the right side navigation menu will net XP. XP earned this way will only be counted once per Social Network per 24 hour period.


Badges are earned for various actions, such as commenting on posts, uploading content, and donating to Develteam. Badges will be displayed on the Browse pages, Search results, Feeds, and on Forum Posts. To read a description of the badge, hover over the icon for a moment.

Your Files and Upload Limits

Each Developer is limited to 50MB of uploaded files. This includes files uploaded to File Depots, Portfolios, and Media Albums. To view your current files and remaining upload space, choose "My Files" from the dropdown menu next to your avatar at the top right of each page.

Your Edit Profile/Resume page

This page allows you to edit your resume information, such as your avatar, name, birthday, gender, websites, education, and work history. It can be accessed via the drop down menu next to your avatar at the top right of every page.

Your "My Account" page

This page allows you to change some low-level options, such as your email address, password, timezone, and location information. It can be accessed via the drop down menu next to your avatar at the top right of every page.

GeoIP Location

By default, your approximate location is determined by your IP Address. You can either disable Develteam from storing your location or reassign your location by going to your "My Account" page. It is not recommended that you enter your excact or specific location, only your general location, such as your city or major metropolitan area.

Develteam offers many avenues for communicating with other Developers. These various methods of communication make it easy to show off your work, view other Developers' work, share ideas, offer feedback, and more. Here are the most common methods of communication:

Feeds and Posts

Each Developer, Devteam, and Game Project has a Feed, similar to many other social network sites. Posts can be created from your profile's feed or directly from the aggregated feed on the home page.

The feed on the home page is a collection of all recent posts made by all Developers, Devteams, and Game Projects.

Portfolios and Media

Developers can upload content to their Portfolios. Doing so will automatically create an entry on the group's feed.

Devteams and Game Projects can also upload content to their Media Albums. Doing so will automatically create an entry the group's feed.

Inbox System

Each Developer has an inbox system that is like a fusion between email and chat. Each item in your inbox is a "conversation." A conversation can have any number of participating Developers, and new participants can be included after the conversation has begun.

You can view your inbox by clicking the mail icon by your avatar at the top right of every page. To contact another member, you can either compose a new message and enter their name, or click the "Send Message" link from their profile.


The Forums on Develteam are split into three main categories: Community, Creative, and General. Community forums are where you can advertise or request feedback on your work or call out for help. Creative forums are split into subforums, targeting each of the main disciplines of Game Development. Finally, General forums are where all the off-topic chatter lives.

In addition to site-wide forums, each Devteam and Game Project have their own dedicated forums found on their profile. There is even a private forums for each group that only members can view and post in.


The main chatroom for Develteam is found on IRC. There is a web-based IRC client built into the site, but those who have their own desktop client can still access it. We are found on irc.freenode.com, in the channel #Develteam.

In addition to the IRC chatroom, each Devteam and Game Project has their own private chatroom found on their profile. These chatrooms are web-based only, but have special features that assist in collaboration.

Group chatrooms can also be accessed from any page by pressing the "Chatrooms" button on the left side of the Chat Bar on the bottom of every page


Develteam has a Brainstorms system. This area of the site allows Developers to post brainstorming topics that others can participate in. This is helpful if you're working on a Game but have hit a designer's block and could use some feedback or ideas. Anyone can participate in any Brainstorm Session.

Develteam makes it easy to find and connect with other Developers, Devteams, and Game Projects. You can browse for Developers and Groups based on disciplines and other metrics, use the quick-finding "Connect!" feature, and follow any profile you have found.


On the left menu, there are links to browse Developers, Devteams, and Game Projects. The results shown on these pages show a snapshot of attributes, including a Developer's proximity to you, or a group's member list. In addition, these results show if a Developer wants to join a Game Project, or if a Game Project is looking for new Developers. The filters and options on these pages make it easy to find Developers to work with.


On the right side column, there are two dropdown boxes that allow you to quickly find a Developer who is of a specific discipline, or Game Project that needs someone with those skills.


You can Follow any Developer, Devteam, or Game Projects. Once you have done so, you can view posts made only by those that you are Following by choosing the option "Only What I Follow" from the left menu.


Any Developer that you Follow who also Follows you will become your Friend. This allows you to chat with them using the web-based instant messaging bar at the bottom of every page.


Moderators of any group can send invitations to a Developer. This will start a process that includes a messaging system. After the invitation is sent, both the invitor and the invitee must accept and approve the invitation for that Developer to join the group. Once the invitation process is complete, both parties can clear it from their invitation lists.

Develteam makes it easy to collaborate with other Developers. Each Devteam and Game Project have a variety of tools to assist you.


Each group has Public Forums, and Private Forums. Public Forums can viewed and posted in by any Developer, including those who are not part of the group. Private Forums, however, can only be viewed and posted in by members of the group. Moderators can set up the forums, choosing how many categories and subforums there are, as well as their titles.


Chatrooms are automatically created for every Devteam and Game Project. There are two ways to access them. One is to choose "Private Chatroom" from the left side menu while on a group's profile page. The other way is to click the "Chatrooms" button on the left side of the Chatbar found at the bottom of every page.

Chatrooms have collaboration tools built into them. You can share a document, your screen, a white board, webcams with audio, or files.


Game Projects have a Task System that Moderators can assign to the team. Only members of the group can view tasks, and only Moderators can add and edit them.

File Depot

Each group has a private File Depot where any team member may upload to. These files are not publically visible, but can be shared if you share the direct url to the file.

Group Moderators

Moderators have responsibilities and options that other members of the group do not. They can assign and update Tasks, set up the group's Forums, assign team roles to other members, grant moderator privileges to other members, and send invitations to non-team members.

The Developer that creates a Devteam or Game Project is a permanent Moderator.


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